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Farm Safety Series
The MOFS Team has a new online video series on farm safety and your OH&S responsibilities!

Join John Darcy, Senior Farm Safety Advisor, as he takes you through the essential topics that he delivers on a Farm Safety Visit.

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Making our farm
Families safer Campaign
Have you read the Guidebook, watched our Youtube videos or tuned into the Podcast series?

Safe Farms, Safe Families.
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The VFF Making Our Farms Safer project is a FREE farm safety education and support service for all Victorian farmers.

If you'd like to improve your farm safety knowledge and practices with support from our dedicated Farm Safety Advisors, submit your Expression of Interest via the Get in Touch button below
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The Making Our Farm Families Safer campaign podcast series is now LIVE
Listen to the Victorian Farmers Federation podcast Making Our Farm Families Safer series. A podcast discussing and driving social change for the safety of Victorian Farming Families
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Check out our four-part series featuring speakers from Birchip Cropping Group, Agriculture Victoria, Rural Aid and AgBiz Assist. Discussing and sharing key takeaways and pieces of information on issues affecting us on farm this Summer.

From Bog recovery, Mental health, Livestock and Financial support - We share vital info with you, at a time and location convenient to you.

Search for the Victorian Farmers Federation podcast on your favourite podcast app, or listen via the button below.
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We have released a series of educational standard safe operating procedure (SOP) videos that aim to support farmers in correctly carrying out some of the most high-risk tasks leading to incidents on Victorian farms.

From working with Livestock in yards to loading a feed mixer wagon, the videos are designed to correctly display procedures and technologies available to help safeguard everyone on the farm.

You can view the videos series on the VFF Making Our Farms Safer YouTube channel.
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Dairy farmer Don Bowers have a strong appreciation for farm safety, he proactively seeks to improve; holding the belief that if you run your business right, your staff, animals and farm will operate at their optimum, with safety being a huge contributing factor to this.

Mr Bowers says the invaluable information he received from Making Our Farms Safer Senior Farm Safety Advisor, John Darcy, has been incorporated to help improve the safety of those on the farm, which also did not come at a large time of financial expense to integrate.
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Senior Farm Safety Advisor, John Darcy, recently spoke with National Centre for Farmer Health on preventing bullying in farm workplaces.

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Undertaking a regular inspection process ensures that little things such as checking the first aid kit do not fall by the wayside and that critical hazards including guards and chemical storages are inspected routinely.

When we meet with farmers we provide them with a large variety of resources including templates and a detailed housekeeping inspection checklist.

Find out more by watching the video.
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Making Our Farm Families Safer Campaign

Join us on our mission to support Australian Farming parents, grandparents and caregivers making farms safer for children performing work related tasks.

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Supporting Farmers’ Safety and Wellbeing

Need a hand with safety on your farm?

The Victorian Farmers Federation Making Our Farms Safer project is a FREE service available to ALL farmers in Victoria. If you would like to improve your farm safety knowledge and practices with support from our dedicated Farm Safety Advisors, get in touch today!

Case Studies and Testimonials

It is important to share with you stories of farmers and farming businesses that we have assisted since the Making Our Farms Safer project launched in 2020.

Click on the images below to read case studies on how our project has supported farmers managing safety on their farms.

Sharing direct feedback from farmers we have worked with is important.

This feedback helps us improve our service delivery, while also creating space for you to consider how our project services could benefit your farming operation.

Below, you can scroll through some of the testimonials we have received following a farm safety consult/visit.

Farm Safety Tools

We’ve pulled together a collection of useful guides on how best to stay safe on the farm while getting the job done. Take five to check them out.

How can we help?

Let us know if there are ways in which you think we can help you to make your farm safer. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch.