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The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) recognises that there is a clear need to engage with older farmers, to help them remain as safe and as healthy as they can be, for as long as possible.

Stay Farming Longer and Safer Handbook

The ‘Stay Farming Longer and Safer: a guide for older farmers and their families’ handbook, is written by farmers, for farmers, and draws on the lived experiences and understanding of the very people it is aiming to connect with.

This handbook is realistic about what is possible, and is written from a place of compassion by people who are in the industry, and who have a deep understanding of the challenges in this space.

Conversations about ageing and succession are not easy ones to have, because they touch on identity, legacy and the rights of the individual vs. the family vs. the community. 

This handbook also acknowledges that the pathways for farmers as they age are not clear-cut. There is no one ‘right way’, only a whole lot of options from which to choose the best path for each family or situation.

While we acknowledge that these are not easy conversations to have, it is essential that we open up a space for them to happen.

Our farmers’ lives depend on it.

Download the handbook for free now, and start the conversation.

Case Study Videos

Ric Oldham has been farming for about 40 years, but has a background in OH&S, which means that safety on his farm is always front-of-mind.

Ian Hitchings and his family are inter-generational farmers, who have a positive story to tell about succession planning.

Marie and David Trigg love life on their Woodleigh-based farm, and are keen to make sure they can stay and work safely on-farm as they age.