Child Safety – Fires

Working children will often assist in the preparation of bonfires, scrub burns and post-harvest paddock burns.

Excessive use of accelerants (petrol, kerosene) to light fires also creates a serious risk which can result in life long disfiguring injuries.
Children have also been seriously injured by flying debris and explosions caused by placement of inappropriate materials (e.g. aerosol cans/household items) into bonfires.

Administrative controls

  • There are actions you can take right now to ensure your fuel storage is compliant and up to scratch
  • Always ensure that working children are supervised when preparing farm burns
    Never allow working children to light fires without direct adult supervision
  • Ensure that household/workshop items such as chemical drums and aerosol sprays are not dropped into materials to be burnt
  • Ensure that appropriate first aid facilities, including a burns kit, is always available for all farm burns
  • Ensure that fire extinguishers are immediately accessible


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