Child Safety – Two Wheel Motorcycles

Many children on farms learn to ride two wheel motorcycles recreationally before they progress towards riding motorcycles to perform farm work.


Teaching children to ride motorbikes recreationally is strongly recommended before allowing them to ride bikes on the farm.


Substitute the risk

Choose the safest vehicle for your working child to operate – a utility vehicle or SSV may be safer to use on your farm than a two-wheel motorcycle.

Make sure children only ride motorcycles that are appropriate for their age and size their feet can touch the ground when they are astride a two wheeled bike, they can lift the two wheeled bike up when it is lying on the ground.


Engineering controls

Adjust the throttle of a child’s motorcycle to limit maximum speed.

Construct controlled riding areas / tracks for working children to learn to ride motorcycles and to be able to get safely across the farm.


Administrative controls

Make sure children who ride motorbikes are appropriately trained and supervised – go riding with (or follow) your working children a number of times before allowing them to work on their own.

Ensure that appropriate emergency procedures and means of contact are available – two way radios/mobile phones.



Children cannot operate motorcycles or drive motor vehicles on public roads. Only licensed operators are permitted to drive these vehicles on roads.


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