Child Safety – Utes and Four Wheel Drives

Working children often learn to drive farm utes or four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles before advancing to tractors and other farm machinery.

Regional children often become competent in driving motor vehicles, well before children growing up in urban areas, because of the opportunities that are afforded to drive vehicles in a safe environment on the farm.

Utes and 4WD’s clearly provide a safer alternative mode of transport than quad bikes or SSV’s due to the built-in safety features including seat belts, airbags, greater vehicle stability and enclosed cabins. It is important to ensure that the vehicles that are driven by working children are safe and suitable for farm use – old ‘paddock bombs’ are probably not suitable for any employees to use.

With adequate farm tracks, and adequate supervision, working children are often involved in activities such as feeding and moving stock and supplies around the farm.


Engineering controls

  • Ensure that farm utes/4WD vehicles are fit for purpose, properly serviced and maintained and safe to use.
  • Ensure that seatbelts are always worn
  • Ensure that farm tracks are properly maintained to enable safe transportation.


Administrative controls

  • Drive with your working children as a passenger to supervise and ensure that they are competent in driving.
  • Monitor their driving activities regularly.
  • Never allow working children or visiting children to ride in the tailgate of farm utes or SSV’s.
  • Ensure that no more than one passenger is carried in a vehicle operated by a working child.


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