Farm Security

Farms can often become victims of crime given the high-value assets stored on them, and that they are sometimes accessible to the general public. Farmers should be conscious of how vulnerable they are to crime and do everything they can to keep their properties secure. Farm security can be time consuming, but in the long run, it can save you time, energy and money.



Learn how to safety secure your farm to the best of your ability



According to Victoria Police, there are many things farmers can do to keep their properties secure.

  • Fences should be kept in good condition, with warning signs displayed and gates securely fitted and lockable
  • Trees and bushes around the property should be trimmed to reduce concealment opportunities
  • Security lighting, like sensor lights, should be installed around farmers’ main house and sheds
  • Power boards should be enclosed in a secure cabinet
  • An alarm system and/or surveillance system should be installed on the property
  • External doors and door frames to the main house and sheds should be of solid construction
  • Doors should be fitted with quality locks
  • Keys should be removed from doors at all times
  • All IT equipment should be password protected
  • All keys should be stored out of view when not in use
  • If you are licenced to own a firearm, these should be stored safely and locked away
  • Farmers should insure personal, household and farm items
  • Farm machinery, equipment and tools should be stored securely when not in use
  • Farmers should maintain an inventory of all farm machinery and tools
  • Farmers should count and record livestock on a regular basis
  • Farmers should earmark their stock



  • There are actions you can take right now to ensure your farm is as secure as possible.
  • Check the quality of your fences, and ensure there are warning signs displayed and gates that are lockable
  • Trim trees and bushes around your property boundary
  • If you don’t already have security systems and lighting, install these
  • Check the quality of external doors and door frames and upgrade if needed
  • Check the quality of all locks on the farm
  • Ensure all IT equipment is password protected and update passwords regularly
  • Ensure firearms are safely stored and locked away
  • Check that all assets are adequately insured and upgrade if needed
  • Ensure there are adequate spots to store farm machinery, equipment and tools and remind all staff to put these away once done with them
  • If you don’t already have one, start an inventory for all farm machinery and tools
  • Count and record your stock on a regular basis
  • Ensure all stock are earmarked and do so if they are not


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