First Aid on Farm

No matter what you do to avoid injuries on your farm, accidents can happen all the time, that’s just a reality of life. This is why it’s essential that there is a trained first aider and-adequate and well-stocked first aid kits in numerous locations around their farm, so that they can help in the case of a workplace injury.

Having a properly-stocked first aid kit means more than just having a few dusty bandaids in the cupboard, it means having all of the necessary items in known, convenient locations, in case you need to provide emergency care for a worker or loved one before the emergency services arrive to help.



1. Learn your responsibilities around first aid on farm
2. How to apply to your farm/actions to take forward



Farmers have the responsibility to ensure there are adequate first aid kits and first aid-trained people on their farms at all times.

  • First aid kits must be readily accessible, in easy-to-reach locations on your farm (it is recommended that farmers have a medium-sized first aid kit in their workshops and shearing sheds, and small, padded bag-type first aid kits in their cars and tractors)
  • First aid kits should be adequately stocked and comply with Australian standards, containing items like compression bandages, gauze, elastoplast, scissors, saline, cold packs, sling, thermal blanket and eye wash
  • Many of the contents of first aid kits, such as bandages and saline solution, are perishable and must be replaced regularly
  • Everyone living and working on a farm should know the location of first aid kits and at least one person should be trained in first aid (first aid training is required to be updated every three years)



  • There are actions you can take right now to ensure your first aid kit is compliant and up to scratch
  • Check you have first aid kits in all important locations on your farm, including in workshops and shearing sheds, and in any farm cars and tractors
  • Check that your first aid kits are adequately stocked and contain all necessary items to comply with Australian standards
    Check the expiry date of the perishable items in your first aid kit on a regular basis
  • Ensure everyone living and working on your farm knows the location of your first aid kits
  • Ensure that there is always someone on your farm who is first aid-trained, and make sure they get their training update every three years


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