Quad Bike Safety

Quad bikes, when the right vehicle for the job, are a versatile and flexible mode of transport to help deal with wet and muddy ground on farms. Quad bikes are used for a range of jobs, including mustering livestock, carrying dogs and spray packs. They are also used with trailers as they can get into tighter areas than tractors. Unfortunately quad bikes have a relatively high centre of gravity due to their short wheel base and therefore have a tendency to roll over when they are ridden too fast or when they hit logs in grass or ruts in the ground. Quad bike rollovers can lead to death and serious injury if adequate safety precautions haven’t been taken.


1. Understand how to stay safe when using a quad bike
2. How to apply to your farm/actions to take forward


In 2021 there were 11 quad bike fatalities in Australia caused by rollovers. Source: Safework Australia QuadWatch


  • There are many steps quad bike users must take before, during and after using the vehicle.
  • Riders of quad bikes must have been trained.
  • Quad bikes must be fitted with an approved operator protective device.
  • Tyre pressure must be checked and adjusted regularly.
  • All riders always wear helmets.
  • Riders must check the brakes before starting work and make sure that the throttle operates smoothly in all steering positions.
  • Drivers must only tow loads that meet the safe operating instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • You must be over the age of 16 to operate an adult quad bike.


There are actions you should take before you or your worker gets on a quad bike.

  • Before starting a task, consider the route and the environmental hazards of where the job will take place and then the right vehicle for the job
  • Make sure all employees are aware of no-go zones and speed limits around the farm
  • Ensure you are operating quads based on the terrain they are travelling on, the visibility at the time, the weight they are carrying, the type of ground cover they are traversing, the attachments that are added, what they are carrying and the operator’s familiarity with the bike
  • Ensure all of your vehicles are maintained and serviced as per the manufacturer’s manuals
  • Ensure keys are placed out of reach of children when quad bikes are not in use

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WorkSafe Victoria have 8 videos available to assist in providing an induction to quad bikes and understanding of the need for maintenance and pre start checks