Shearing Shed Amenities

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure their shearing sheds have adequate amenities on site for when contractors come to shear their sheep. Shearing sheds are just like any workplace and therefore need to have all the facilities that people may require while they spend their work day on your farm.



Learn what amenities are required on your farm



According to Australian Wool Innovation, there are certain amenities required in shearing sheds to make them compliant for use

  • A non-smoking food preparation and eating area must be available which is separate from the shearing and wool-handing areas
  • The eating area must have a sink for hand washing and sink for dishwashing, which are separate from the toilet sink
  • There must be a table and chairs available, a fridge for food, adequate power, water supply and a microwave
  • The area should be free from all work tools and materials
  • Power leads and cables should be strung to avoid standing in water or being splashed with water
  • There should be a clean supply of cool drinking water, available to all employees
  • The eating area should be cleaned daily
  • Clean, maintained, separate, private and secure toilets should be readily available and accessible for men and women
  • A sanitary disposal unit should be available
  • There should be hand washing facilities that are separate from the source of drinking water



  • There are actions you can take right now to ensure your shearing shed has all of the necessary amenities
  • Ensure there is a food preparation and eating area that is separate from the main work space
  • Ensure there are working sinks for hand washing, dishwashing and a toilet sink
  • Ensure there are a table and chairs set up, a fridge and microwave
  • Ensure there is a clean supply of cool drinking water
  • Ensure the eating area is cleaned daily
  • Ensure toilets are in good working order and fit all of the requirements
  • Ensure a sanitary disposal unit is available
  • Ensure toilets are cleaned daily


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