UV Sun Protection

Due to the nature of their work, farmers spend significantly more time outdoors than most other industries. Because of this, their exposure to the sun is greater, therefore increasing their risk of skin diseases, like skin cancer. More than any other industry, farmers should be conscious of the risks of sun exposure, and do everything they can to protect themselves and their staff.



Learn how to protect yourself against the sun



There are a lot of things farmers can do to protect themselves from the sun

  • Become familiar with the UV index forecast for the day, by downloading an UV app onto your phone and checking regularly
  • Seek shade where possible and avoid working outdoors in the middle of the day if you can help it
  • Wear AS/NZS compliant sunglasses fitted with a sidearm when outdoors
  • Apply SPF 50+ sunscreen and let it dry before heading outside, and reapply throughout the day
  • Wear a broad-brimmed hat, and long-sleeved clothing if possible
  • Get regular skin checks with your GP or a skin specialist
  • Farmers should ensure their staff follow these steps as well



  • There are actions you can take right now to ensure you are protected from the sun when working on your farm.
  • Download a UV app onto your phone and check the UV forecast daily
  • Plant trees on your farm to invest in long-term shade
  • Purchase a pair of AS/NZS compliant sunglasses fitted with a sidearm, if you don’t already have a pair
  • Purchase a broad-brimmed hat and long-sleeve clothing, if you don’t already have some
  • Book in a skin appointment with your GP or a skin specialist
  • Have a chat to your staff about sun safety


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