VFF Podcast – Making Our Farm Families Safer series – Episode 2

Episode 2; Is there anything better than saving a life? with Dr Warwick Teague.

Take a dive into the world of a pediatric trauma and burns surgeon who works with children on a daily basis. 

Dr Warwick Teague catches up with host Tegan Buckley through the VFF Podcast for a fascinating and truly intriguing look into the world of a trauma and burns unit. 

Whilst Dr Teague might’ve grown up in the city, his wife hails from a farm in north-east Tasmania and through his work he is deeply connected to the land. 

As the head of trauma and burns unit at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Dr Teague sees a range of patients present on a daily basis and a high number of these are from farming accidents. 

He opens up about minor to major injuries, returning to and engaging in normal daily life again, the trauma of trauma and helping families in a time of need. Dr Teague is a highly skilled and trained professional whose down-to-earth personality helps his patients feel at ease. 

Keen to see the number of farming accidents/injuries reduced, Dr Teague shares his first-hand accounts and why we should be doing our bit to go against the status-quo of what was once the ‘normal’.

“…treating injuries is important but preventing injuries is so much more important,” Dr Teague said. “What can we learn from one sad tragedy to prevent many more sad tragedies in the future? What changes are we going to make to save lives and protect the lives of our children?”

“…is there a better thing to do in our day, life or year than to save another?”


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VFF Podcast – Making Our Farm Families Safer series, Episode 2 with Dr Warwick Teague