VFF Podcast – Making Our Farm Families Safer series – Episode 8

Episode 8: “Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should” with Jason Chambers, KidSafe Victoria

“..particularly kids in regional and rural areas take on a lot more responsibilities and they can seem a lot more mature and capable than their age suggests..

But it’s really important to remember that those times that they might act like adults at times, that they are not in a lot of ways, and it’s not [often realised] until when something goes wrong and there is an emergency situation.”

Join VFF Podcast host Tegan Buckley as she chats with Jason Chambers, Kid Safe Victoria on the Making Our Farm Families Safer Child Safety Guidebook.

Jason Chambers degree in health promotion and Masters degree in public health have put him in good stead for his work with Kidsafe. His studies fuelled his passion for providing communities with the knowledge, resources and tools to enable them to make safe and healthy choices.

Jason commenced with Kidsafe Victoria in 2009 initially as an intern, which fostered his interest and knowledge of childhood injury prevention. He is currently the General Manager, with responsibility for the development, implementation and evaluation of many of Kidsafe Victoria’s programs, campaigns and communications.

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VFF Podcast – Making Our Farm Families Safer series, Episode 2 with Jason Chambers