VFF Podcast – Making Our Farm Families Safer series – Episode 9

Episode 9: Farm safety is for every day (a grandparent’s perspective) with Ric Oldham, grandparent

While he hasn’t always been a farmer, Ric Oldham, of Archie’s Creek, VIC, is aware of the dangers agricultural properties possess. 

Take a listen to his ‘why’ for being involved with the Making Our Farm Families Safer campaign as he catches up with podcast host Tegan Buckley. 

In 1978, Mr Oldham’s parents bought their first farm at Archie’s Creek, on the Bass Straight about 160km out of Melbourne, Victoria. 

He grew up on the farm but later became a civil engineer, but in 1996 he purchased one of his parent’s properties – a dairy farm – and converted it to an Angus beef cattle enterprise. 

Fast forward a number of years and Mr Oldham now enjoys spending time on the farm with his eight grandchildren – all of whom reside in urban environments. 

When the opportunity to be part of the Victorian Farmers Federation Making Our Farm Families Safer campaign was presented, he wanted to be involved. 

With strict rules already in place on the farm, Mr Oldham said he was very clear about them from the git-go. 

“…it’s going to take time, it’s a journey. It’s just making sure you take the opportunity to be conscious of what needs to be in place and being aware of those really high risk activities and making sure that the controls you have put in place are effective and in place. Then I think we have half a chance.”

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VFF Podcast – Making Our Farm Families Safer series, Episode 9 with Ric Oldham