Everyday a farmer balances the wearing of many hats. Accountant. Animal welfare officer. Mechanic. Engineer. Weather forecaster. Transport operator and Employer just to name a few.

Let us help you manage your farm workplace safety hat.

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Rural and remote Victorian farmers report higher levels of community participation, connection and volunteering than urban communities. Connecting with others, helps reduce isolation and has been shown to improve mental health.

Employee Consultation

Staff often deal with equipment and processes that employers don’t, so to ensure property owners are aware of all of the risks and hazards on their farms, they should regularly consult with their workers.

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Farming can be extremely difficult at times and challenges can accumulate. If someone close to you shows signs of not coping, or talk about ‘ending

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Depression is more than feeling a bit sad or stressed. It can affect men, women and young people. There are a range of behavioral, psychological

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