Our farms are a place of work while also our home environment. Sometimes it can be very difficult to separate the two. Implementing practical boundaries, so that all members of the family know of potential risks, is a great first step in making your farm safer.
Growing up on a farm offers an idyllic and unique lifestyle for our farm kids We want farm kids to grow up safely and harmoniously with what's happening on the farm
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Children are not always able to predict or respond to an unsafe situation. Their perception of the world is very different to an adult, even if their skill level is sometimes better than some adults. Always remember to keep an eye on them and be a good role model.

Child Safety – Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are a major cause of death and serious injury in Australian children and adults. Across Australia, between 2001 and 2017, 42 children were killed in quad bike incidents.

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Child Safety – Lead by Example

Working children learn by imitation.

A child is more likely to be safety conscious if you are. Make sure your child sees you (and your employees) performing tasks safely. Explain the potential for danger and how injury can be avoided.

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Child Safety – Chemical Safety

Unfortunately, many farmers manage the risks of chemical safety on their farms intuitively without understanding the hazardous nature of the substances they use, or the risks associated with the storage and handling of these materials.

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