Click on the links below to find out more about safely operating various pieces of farm machinery.When it comes to safety – knowledge is power.
Quad bikes are a leading cause of workplace incident on Australian farms.
Check out our quad bike guide to make quad bike use on your farm safer.
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Farm machinery is a leading factor in farm related incidents.
Many hazards that contribute to these incidents are manageable. Making sure that your farm machinery is safe and that your employees are properly trained to use it in a safe manner is crucial.


Belt Up and Survive

Too many serious injuries and deaths happen on farms because people don’t wear their seatbelts when operating or travelling in farm vehicles such as farm utes, tractors, side-by-sides or trucks. If there’s a collision or rollover, your seatbelt helps to keep you secured in your seat and protect you from sustaining serious or fatal injuries.

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Tractor Operation Guide – from Farm Safe Australia

Use this simple and effective tool to assess and manage the risk of your farming activities prior to commencing. All team members can join in and contribute, developing different ways to manage risks on your farm. Doing a risk assessment helps determine hazards and develop appropriate control measures to lessen the risks.

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Safe Tractor Operation – from ACAHS

This publication aims to provide practical guidelines for employers and workers to improve and ensure the safety of those who use tractors on farms, and those who are in the vicinity of areas where tractors are being used.

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FACT SHEET – Safe operation of a Side by Side vehicle

Operating side by sides can pose a number of risks to drivers and passengers.

When a side by side overturns, there is the risk of being killed if thrown from or crushed by the vehicle. People can also be thrown around inside the cabin or hit by loose objects, and receive serious or even fatal injuries.

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