Click on the links below to find out more about safely operating various pieces of farm machinery.When it comes to safety – knowledge is power.
Quad bikes are a leading cause of workplace incident on Australian farms.
Check out our quad bike guide to make quad bike use on your farm safer.
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Farm machinery is a leading factor in farm related incidents.
Many hazards that contribute to these incidents are manageable. Making sure that your farm machinery is safe and that your employees are properly trained to use it in a safe manner is crucial.


FACT SHEET – Safe Operation of a chainsaw

A chainsaw comes in handy on the farm but it also comes with risks.

It is essential those operating it are fully trained and capable of using it, and that the correct personal protective equipment is worn, to avoid serious illness or even death.

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Guarding Grain Augers – advice from ACAHS

The National Farm Injury Data Centre has found that there is, on average, 1 death and 16 workers’ compensation claims per year involving grain augers. There will be many more injuries, as most day‐to‐day work on farms is undertaken by self employed farmers and their families and injuries to these will not be included in the official workers compensation figures.

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Quad Bike Safety

Quad bikes, when the right vehicle for the job, are a versatile and flexible mode of transport to help deal with wet and muddy ground on farms.

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