Child Safety – Working with Livestock in Yards

Livestock are unpredictable, especially during the joining (mating) season where they can be protective of their mates and their young. Often reverting to a fight or flight response when they perceive a threat, Livestock always need to be treated with caution.

Dairy Farm Safety Starter Kit

Developed by dairy farmers for dairy farmers, the Kit provides practical, easy to use resources to enable you to get your farm safety system started or improve the existing system.

Shearing Shed Amenities

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure their shearing sheds have adequate amenities on site for when contractors come to shear their sheep. Shearing sheds are just like any workplace and therefore need to have all the facilities that people may require while they spend their work day on your farm.

Farm Security

Farms can often become victims of crime given the high-value assets stored on them, and that they are sometimes accessible to the general public. Farmers should be conscious of how vulnerable they are to crime and do everything they can to keep their properties secure. Farm security can be time consuming, but in the long run, it can save you time, energy and money.